Interior design career in Chennai

  • July 22, 2020

The interior design subject as a profession and career was considered highly unconventional even a few years back. But the tendency is shifting as more and more people understand that the subject is not just about good color sense and there is more to it mathematically and scientifically. Moreover, interior designers are among the most highly paid individuals in the country and if you are that good, you can even pursue a career independently and outside the country. Hence, this is definitely a lucrative career opportunity. Here’s what you can expect when you pursue the subject in college:

  • The subject will teach you about the basic color-wheel and understanding the combinations better.
  • It also teaches the different technologies and software used in the profession to virtually create your concept into a vision.
  • It will also teach the science of numbers and how they are implemented in designing.
  • The latest trends and history of interior designing is taught.
  • Concept of light and reflection and how it is used to enhance the interior design plays a major part in the course.

In short, interior design career, you will first have to learn major science and math concepts very well. The designing is not just about your sense of aesthetics but also how well you understand these subject matters and implement them in your work.


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