What is Polyjacking?

  • July 16, 2020

Polyjacking is widely used for industrial, commercial as well as residential purposes. Polyjacking is generally used to lift the sunken concrete. What is polyjacking? It is a concrete leveling process using polyurethane foam in place of mud. In this process, the polyurethane foam is inserted through a hole which reacts and fills the voids in the concrete surface. The polyurethane foam being absolutely eco-friendly, the polyjacking process is absolutely a clean, green and eco-friendly method to lift the sunken concrete. Polyjacking is one of the most efficient and effective concrete leveling processes as the repair time required is very less, that is, it is immediately ready to use and the polyurethane foam makes it effective for a longer time unlike mudjacking. The mud used in mudjacking usually subsides leading to greater faults in future. The longer effect of polyjacking makes it very cost effective. The costs in the long run for polyjacking is very less. The hole made in polyjacking for repair is much smaller than the mudjacking process. Thus, a minimal patchwork is needed after the repair. Polyjacking is a permanent process. The polyurethane foam used does not lose its density and it is very lightweight compared to mudjacking.


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