The Importance of Vinyl Signage for Your Business

Signs communicate more than just a company name, they tell a story. From directional signage to monument signs, the right design can draw in potential customers or simply make someone feel at home.

From illuminating your monument signs to adding branding to your vehicles, we offer a wide range of services. Let’s explore all the possibilities vinyl offers your business.

Banners are a tried-and-true way to grab the attention of everyone who passes by your location. They’re perfect for grand openings, music festivals, trade shows and other events that require high visibility.

Cincinnati vinyl banners are made from soft, 13-mil PVC and white on both sides, so they can display large graphics with ease. Depending on how durable your banner needs to be, you can choose a lighter or heavier vinyl. If you plan to hang your banner outdoors for extended periods, it’s recommended that you select a heavy gauge vinyl.

We offer a variety of edge options, including the standard flush cut, a welded hem (available on 18 oz vinyl), and grommets in each corner or every 2 feet (not available when pole pockets are selected). When selecting a welded hem option, we’ll sew your banner with a smooth, lay flat seam.

Clings are a temporary type of vinyl window graphic. They use static electricity to stick to smooth surfaces, usually glass but also plastic and metals. They can be removed and reapplied easily and they are available in both see-through and opaque options.

They are a great choice for short-term promotions such as seasonal sales or upcoming events. They can also be used to enliven retail store windows or add branding to office space.

Perforated window film allows 30-70% of the sun’s rays to pass through the vinyl, illuminating showrooms without the need for artificial light. It is also a more weather resistant option than standard decals. These window graphics can be laminated to enhance print depth, UV protection and moisture resistance. This helps them last longer and remain vibrant.

Vehicle Graphics are one of the best ways to advertise your business. They increase your brand visibility to a wide audience, create brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and improve customer service.

They are also one of the most affordable marketing strategies within the Out Of Home (OOH) category. This type of advertising is any advertisement that people will see while out and about, not in their own homes.

There are two popular types of vehicle graphics: decals and wraps. A decal is a vinyl graphic affixed with adhesive and can be customized to include a client’s logo, contour-cut lettering like phone numbers or website address and/or location information applied to the surface of a car, truck or van. A wrap is a full or partial vinyl wrapping that makes a cohesive unified image and message of the whole car, truck or van. Wraps can be designed to incorporate a clear window film for added protection and visibility.

Static cling graphics are easy to apply, reposition and remove. They’re ideal for announcing a sale or bringing extra attention to a storefront.

The sign above is a logo sign for Q2. It features a 2-layered approach. The bottom layer is a 1/4″ thick opaque white acrylic with charcoal black painted edging. The top layer is a custom pantone red acrylic routed into a 1/2″ black lightweight Gatorfoam.

This type of sign is called a “blade sign” and it’s commonly seen in strip malls. It has a metal frame and is internally illuminated with LED lighting. You may see similar signs on the side of buildings or in parking lots. They also can be used for larger buildings or offices. These signs are typically read fairly quickly, so it’s important for the sign company to be able to design them well. This will ensure that the logo or words are legible and stand out. This is why choosing a local company is important.

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