Types of Outdoor Signs

There are several types of outdoor signs available, including Dura-wood, Aluminum composite, Foam core, Chloroplast H-Frames, and PVC. These materials are more likely to withstand harsh weather conditions. Read on to learn more about these materials and how they can best serve your business. Listed below are some of the benefits of each type of sign. For more information, visit this link. You can also find more information about each type by reading reviews and reading about the different benefits of each.


If you want an outdoor sign that is durable and attractive, consider a Dura-Wood sign. Made of high quality MDO exterior plywood, Dura-Wood signs feature a thick, solid core. Each panel is primed and painted for long-lasting durability, and the rounded edges and tight core gaps reduce the appearance of edge voids. Whether you’re using your Dura-Wood sign outdoors or indoors, you’ll love its look and feel.

Aluminum composite

Dibond aluminum composite signs are the perfect choice for outdoor use. Made from two 0.012″ aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core, this material is rust and rot-proof. The material is also waterproof and chemically resistant, which makes it ideal for signage in public places, such as parking lots and business exteriors. Dibond can be routed or punched, making it versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of signs.

Foam core

There are several benefits to choosing foam core for outdoor signs. Foam boards are lightweight and easily cut to shape. They can be laminated or framed to provide a waterproof finish. They are also inexpensive. However, they are not ideal for outdoor signs because they are susceptible to water and sunlight and will eventually disintegrate and warp. This is why it is essential to choose a sturdy, durable product. Fortunately, there are several options for these signs.

Chloroplast H-Frames

Large format sign graphics on Chloroplast H-Frame stands can be mounted on buildings and can be read by drivers and pedestrians. Whether on a crowded street or inside a building, these signs provide a unique way to communicate your message. Large format signs are often used for directional purposes, brand messaging, and event promotion. This durable material can be printed in a variety of colors and sizes, including black-and-white and vivid colors.

Lightbox cabinets

Outdoor lightbox signs are a popular and effective advertising solution for a variety of exterior applications. They are durable, weather-resistant cabinets that house a translucent panel for the logo or promotional message. The lightbox is backlit by either LEDs or fluorescent tubes, providing bright, reliable illumination to draw attention to the sign. These cabinets are great for business signs, street signs, and storefront signage. Read on to learn more about these versatile, cost-effective signs.

Illuminated awnings

A great feature of awnings is their ability to illuminate your business name, logo, or other message. These awnings are an affordable way to enhance the appeal of your building while also adding an eye-catching architectural accent. They can also be used to display company information and colorful logos. They are available in many styles, colors, and materials to fit any building. Listed below are some of the benefits of awnings. For more details on signages visit Calumet City sings and graphics at https://www.southchicagosigncompany.com/.

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